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Update officient.io: "How does Officient work?", captivating customer stories and introducing the new partner program.

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How does Officient HR software work?
How does Officient work in a nutshell?

While many people were enjoying their vacation, we took this time to take a closer look at our website. The goal? Provide a more visual explanation of how Officient works and describe the different benefits this has for the companies using our HR software. We also added captivating customer stories to the website and provided you with more information concerning the process and benefits of the new partner program.

How does Officient work and what benefits does that hold for your company?

With the previous iteration of the website, we focused our message on the three main challenges concerning personnel administration, and how Officient offers a better alternative for these situations:

  • Centralize: Gathering all employee data in one system, by using unique integrations and the employee self-service.
  • Streamline: Speeding up routine HR tasks like drafting and following up for approval with regards to contracts, or processing vacation requests.
  • Insights: Providing an organization with insights into company-wide employee statistics and trends (pay cost comparison, distribution days off request, absenteeism...)

Update product pages

Our product has changed heavily during these past few months. That's why we decided our website needed a more complete and visual explanation around how Officient works. Which personnel administration processes do we offer a better solution for? Which advantages does Officient have when comparing it to how these processes are being done now (manually, on paper, using spreadsheets)?

  • People: An overview of all people working for the company and their employee data. This way you have all the information to handle HR tasks a lot quicker.
  • Assets: Always have an accurate view of what assets (f.e. company bike) are assigned to which employee, and make it a lot easier to store extra, but necessary information (s.a. Supplier name, ID number...)
  • Contracts: Draft contracts using templates and select which people or groups these are designated to. They can give their approval by signing electronically through the employee self-service.
  • Calendar: Easily record performance through the calendar, such as processing different types of vacation requests or even tracking overtime.
  • Performance: Follow up on the growth of employees by sitting together at regular intervals to review their performance.
  • Insights: Company-wide personnel statistics and trends such as pay cost comparison or tracking absenteeism.
  • Employee self-service: A unique self-service environment for every employee, where they can manage their employee data and quickly perform HR tasks such as requesting vacation, signing contracts and more.

Stories of our happy customers

We sat together with Arnaud Van de Calseyde, co-owner at Van de Calseyde Hydraulics.

We are proud of our customers and are equally excited when they are hyped about Officient. That's why we love to record our happy customers on video and shine a light on the stories which help make these companies successful. This allows us to show you which types of companies get value from Officient, but also provide more detail as to what the added value is. Click here to see all the customer stories we made so far.

Introducing the partner program

Officient is growing rapidly but we aren't doing that completely alone. We have great partners and are looking for new ones to create even more value for the final customer. On one hand we're looking for parties that offer payroll services, so they can augment their customer-centric approach with a solid HR software solution. On the other hand we're looking for software specialists that see the value in Officient and are interested to offer this product to their customers. Take a look at all the information here and leave your details if you think we can create value together!

What's next?

We want to keep improving the experience we maintain and build for all the different places our stakeholders interact with Officient. That's why we're already thinking about how we can further improve the communication which comes from our website. For one we'll be making sure the website is available in Dutch and French by the end of the year. Do you have suggestions concerning things we could do better with the Officient website? Then quickly let us know by sending a mail to hello@officient.io!

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