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Officient self-service now available on Google Play and App Store

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Officient lanceert self-service applicatie op Google Play en App Store

Why did we build a native app of our employee self-service for Android and iOS?

These are two sentences that surface a lot in conversations at Officient:
It has to be intuitive to use.
It always has to deliver an outstanding customer and user experience.

Every feature we launch, functionality we add or user interaction we create with either the HR platform or employee self-service, a dozen discussions and reviews take place beforehand. This to better assess how possible decisions would ultimately impact these core values. The decision behind creating a native app for Google Play and App Store followed the exact same reasoning:

  • It becomes easier for employees to get started with the self-service. Instead of having to open up their mailbox to follow a link or surf to the self service domain, they can now simply open up the installed app and login.
  • We're using smartphones and tablets a lot more to perform quick and simple tasks. Furthermore, not every employee has a workstation or maybe they have to share access to a computer with others. This means the easier we make it for employees to use the self-service with a smartphone, the more employees can and will use the self-service. Which in turn reduces the workload for the HR professional.
  • It's more secure than using a computer. Even with high-security mode and inactivity logout someone could theoretically still access your self-service. A smartphone or tablet is generally worn on you and could be additionally secured by a smartphone lock. If pincodes are enabled, that means someone has to crack three levels of security (including physical theft) to get in.

The Officient app on your smartphone

Installing the app is only possible if your company is an Officient customer and uses our HR platform to manage employee data. Is your company using our HR software and have invitations already been sent out to start setting up the self-services? Then simply search for Officient in the store which matches your device: Android (Google Play) and iOS (App store) and simply install from there!

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