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Performance reviews now helps you evaluate teams transparently in Officient

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Performance reviews Officient
Performance reviews now possible in Officient

Having spoken to many customers and prospects, we're excited to launch our new feature erformance reviews.
Now you can have transparant conversations about their growth, with no extra paperwork.
That's Officient.

There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to evaluating employees or which approach is best used. Some companies choose to reduce or dismiss standardized performance reviews in favor of entrusting this process to team leaders. Other organizations implement company-wide systems to gather continuous 360° feedback around employees.

With many things in HR, evaluating employees often depends on demands from management, the type of profiles you work with and the organizational hierarchy that is in place. When a company chooses a certain workflow around performance reviews, the biggest challenge often comes in execution. Having talked to many of our customers and prospects, we've learned that organizations see three big challenges when it comes to having performance reviews with employees:

  • Increase visibility around performance reviews to all parties. After having a review with an employee, a report is generally drawn up to work as a sort of progress report for all parties. However all too often this piece of paper is stored in a file cabinet or cloud drive somewhere, where no one can really learns something from it. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Digitally support the process of reviewing employees. No more storing paper notes in a file cabinet. Outside of the obvious ecological reasons, having a digital system to support certain processes, means you get access to a more actionable overview than you do with physical documents. Think about preparing for a review which might lead to a raise, and being able to quickly compare multiple employee metrics and reports throughout time.
  • Having a transparant conversation with the employee. The company should benefit when performance reviews are done properly, but employees should too. It could be empowering to know which goals to strive for in the coming year. If this person has to go out of their way to find this report, they'll be less inclined to review this document in the future, or at all.
Finished employee performance review
Officient Performance Review

Performance reviews in Officient

Having launched performance reviews for Officient, we now help our customers evaluate employees more transparently, without the need for paperwork. We'll make it easy for HR or team managers to plan and communicate these reviews with employees. Notes can be exchanged beforehand, about what both parties expect going into the conversation, or stored internally in preparation. Had a productive review? Then you can quickly add the report to the corresponding employee profile. The employee in turn, receives a copy delivered to the self-service, so it's viewable at all times. Visible, digital and transparant.

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