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Officient pitch @ EY Launchpad meetup

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Today one of our co-founders, Michiel Crommelinck, took the stage to pitch Officient during the launchpad meetup, organized by the innovation department at EY Belgium. He inspired the executives at EY, including their CEO, with the different kinds of innovation Officient brings to HR. Not only to optimize and automate the processes around the HR department at EY itself, but to also explore ways to co-create services for EY's customer base and to tap into their international network of partners.

Our Co-founder Michiel Crommelinck pitching @ Launchpad EY meetup
Michiel Crommelinck pitching Officient at the Launchpad meetup @ EY

What is the EY Launchpad meetup?

The Launchpad meetup is a returning event at EY, where multiple start-ups or innovative thinkers are invited to pitch their products and services. The Launchpad meetup is organized into different challenges. These different categories hich align with different areas within EY, where they are looking to apply these innovations.

What are the challenges?

Challenge 1: Boosting HR (HR Tech)

Something that shouldn't come as a surprise, HR or more specifically HR tech is the first challenge on the launchpad agenda. As such a massive organization, EY employs thousands of people and it seems only natural they are looking for new ways to innovate around this area. From optimizing the workflows around attracting suitable candidates, to automating all the different HR processes which govern employee well-being, performance and engagement. Officient will be sure to turn some heads and show how our intuitive HR-platform can help automate certain processes around employees, improving their overall speed and providing more transparency to all relevant parties.

Challenge 2a: Boosting client satisfaction : UX

EY interacts with their customers in various different ways, through employees as well as systems. Therefore its looking for new technologies which improve the way they present themselves towards clients, leads and possible new hires. Offering new and intuitive interfaces which provides their customers with a better overall experience when interacting with EY.

Challenge 2b: Boosting business efficiency

If the previous challenge was all about presentation, this one is all about automation. Boosting business efficiency looks at different ways that EY can improve how they offer products and services their partners need to succeed.

Challenge 3: Boosting big data use

EY manages a lot of data for the millions of clients they service, through this challenge they want to further learn from and apply this data to continuously improve their different business activities. They're also looking at companies which can help them better store this mountain of data and ultimately better protect the very sensitive information their customers entrust to them.

Challenge 4: Boosting external offerings

Because EY offers so many different services, products and values towards their customers, the fourth challenge is meant to give a podium for start-ups to pitch their ideas which might not fall into the previous innovation challenges. This challenge tries to identify start-ups or ideas which are diamonds in the rough and could use the help of a company like EY. To help them further defining their idea, value proposition or to help them fuel further growth. Here as well, Officient positions itself as a potential solution for EY's customers in the SME and mid-market segment.

So which other starts-ups are pitching?


A personal, digital assistant which will answer your calls when you aren't able to. Ireachm picks up when you can't and will guide the call from there. Afterwards you'll be sent a summary of the conversation and have the possibility to choose from different contact methods the caller provided.


As HR tech startup of the year, we could not miss an opportunity to show how our HR tech solution offers an exciting way to manage employees. Reducing personnel administration, providing a better employee experience, automating standard tasks and providing intuitive HR insights and analytics around your workforce.


Binderz is a certification tool, built on the publically available blockchain Ethereum. This product helps their clients seal documents and prove their validity with regards to compliance issues.

Story Chief

Story Chief is a content marketing platform which makes it easy for marketeers to quickly draft up content, collaborate together with freelancers and quickly distribute this content to the different channels they own. Here at Officient we use Story Chief as well and we can strongly affirm the many benefits their product holds.


Cumul.io is a tool which makes it easy for companies to visualize different kinds of datasets into powerful dashboards, and share the with relevant parties.


Boasting a powerful tool to help employees and customers engage with their professional development. Their learning hub will centralize all your training and learning activities in one intuitive platform.


Datascouts is a very extensive intelligence platform, allowing you to learn from your employees as well as external environments. Want to prospect relevant data of a market you're hoping to approach soon? Then Datascouts might have a solution for you.


After raising 650.000 in funding, Chestnote continues to expand its offer to produce ready-to-go contextual features for your app through their patented API. You can integrate pre-built and unique features into your mobile apps or they will build a brand new one for you.


Epic.blue offers connectivity solutions to help you better engage with employees through location-based targeting and functionality. Connecting locations to all aspects of modern day operations enables their customers to optimize effectiveness, increase safety, and augment staff engagement.

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